This desktop application, currently in development, is our attempt at creating a beautiful and immersive experience around your PC games. We love PC Gaming, but hated the fragmented and ugly experience surrounding our awesome games, so we decided to make Aurora. 
Try it, we think you'll like it. 


Current Milestone

Alpha 10

Unified Game Library

All of your games from any digital distributor on your computer displayed in a single gorgeous digital library, ready for you to play from instantly. 

Immersive Design

We spend a lot of time caring for each part of Aurora to make sure the entire experience is nothing less the amazing.


And Much More

Aurora is currently still in an Alpha state but we are working hard to make something that will really improve your PC Gaming experience. See what else is coming here


Found a Bug?

Aurora Game Hub is still in development, which is why it's currently in Alpha stage. We are working as hard as we can on the next big release of Aurora, but we work fairly slowly due to our busy lives and because good software takes time to do right. But don't let that deter you from letting us know about any issues you might have with Aurora!

Thank You!

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